What makes us different

Our Concierge Approach to Treating Autism

Doctors are Opting Out: Traditional medical practices are changing for the better through home visits with controlled costs (concierge treatment). With the rising costs of maintaining an office, doctors are averaging approximately 2,000 patients, grouped in 15-minute intervals. Now, a concierge doctor can see fewer patients, the care becomes more personalized, and doctors become more accessible.

The Autism Therapy Group was formed to practice concierge ABA Therapy. Our dedicated team approach lends itself to this model by enhancing care while saving you money and time by saving transportation costs, job time loss and providing consistent, comprehensive autism treatment options that work. Our team approach may include a Client Case Manager a BCBA who manages and assesses your child’s progress, and therapists that are paired with your child.

We are a leader in home therapy because our highly trained staff provides support through the entire process that leads to proven results. We do not provide this service without insurance support.

Our approach includes: A BCBA who does intake and monitors your child’s programs who has a patient load of no more than (12) children, and therapists that are paired with your child.

Low cost respites and transitioning programs can also be added to your program.