Autism Therapy Communication

When it comes to autism therapies, communication across all interested parties is the key to a successful program. Whether the person is a direct part of the autism therapy team or personally related to the family. ATG uses the Catalyst Software Platform. This Autism Therapy Platform was designed specifically for ABA Therapy.

ATG will provide, at no charge, an iPad pre-loaded with Catalyst Software as well as online video therapies to the family for the duration of the treatments. All online information is easily available to all therapists participating in the therapeutic process, as well as the parent or guardian–who can then provide permission to other interested parties. Parents, or guardians, may authorize permission to any party they wish. This is a great way to build your autism support network!

This fosters:

  • Excellent communication between Behavioral Therapists and guardians
  • Readable reporting and regularly scheduled meetings with BCBA
  • Continued Conversations with Administrative Team
  • Thorough Progress Reports
  • Meticulous management of your child’s plan that is always available online via the Catalyst Platform